Dancing Rabbit Creek

Vineyards and Winery


The Tasting Room.

As you head up the long driveway, following the fence line, you’ll begin to see the rows of grapes. On one side of the drive is the owners house, on the other is where the magic happens. Inside the barn is a processing room where grapes from both the vineyard and all over the world are turned into wine. The tasting room is adorned with a bar and table— just enough to set the mood. It’s here that you’ll enjoy samples and meet your gracious host, before you go on a stroll through the property.


“You Cannot Make Good Wine from Inferior Ingredients.”

— Arlen Williams, Owner


The Vineyard

Nestled in the far end of the Eastridge neighborhood in Paoli, the vineyard stretches two acres. Meticulously maintained by one man, the rows of grapes are trellised between large anchors. The view changes with the season, with late summer being the most breath taking— just as the grapes are ready to be harvested. You’ll get to meet Sophie, the official vineyard dog and relax under the pergola, draped in table grapes.